About Us


Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon is a fulltime martial arts school based in South Croydon, dedicated to providing the best in martial arts and self-defence training. Our purpose-built facilities are fully equipped with everything needed to deliver an energetic and dynamic lesson, and our team of fully trained and CRB checked instructors are qualified to teach children between the ages of 4 and 12, and adults aged 13 and up.

Located within a business park far from busy main roads, we have ample free parking spaces available, and our easy accessibility means that we have students from all over south London and Surrey.

We are the only martial arts organization outside of China to be certified a "Confucius Classroom” by the Confucius Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This recognizes us as a centre for excellence in the promotion of health and wellbeing through the dissemination of Chinese culture and tradition.


TV appearances with Jack BlackOur close links with the Confucius Institute allow our students to appear alongside their performers in various martial arts demonstrations and kung fu displays, as well as opportunities to expose our students to other elements of Chinese culture, including Mandarin language classes and Chinese music workshops.


Blue Peter

Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon play an active role in our local community. We have organized sponsored events to raise funds for various charities, including Demelza Children’s Hospice and the anti-bullying charity, Kidscape. Our students have also appeared on stage with actor Larry Lamb in the pantomime show Aladdin, and have even featured on TV with actor Jack Black on BBC’s Blue Peter programme.

At Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon, it is our mission to get each and every one of our students to their black belt and beyond. We have two important rules for our students: to always try their best, and to always have fun!

About Wing Chun Kung Fu


Wing Chun Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art form that can trace its roots hundreds of years back to the Southern Shaolin Temple. Thought to be devised by a Buddhist nun to counter the harder fighting styles of the time, Wing Chun favours speed and precision over brute strength. As such, it is an ideal martial art for the smaller in stature, the elderly, women and children.

The emphasis on using the opponent’s strength against them, and on simple, small movements, makes Wing Chun an ideal form of self-defence for children, who quite often will encounter bullies older and bigger than themselves. Whilst we constantly drive home the point that they should never use their kung fu unless they have to, children are prepared with the skills to defend themselves should the need ever arise.

As a traditional Chinese kung fu, Wing Chun also places equal importance on the development of the mind and spirit as well as the body. As such, it can be a rewarding and balanced way of life, encouraging students to always act with humility and respect. The discipline and commitment involved in learning a martial art will also provide your child with essential life skills that they can apply to all aspects of their life.

One of our black-belt graduates
Delighted parents have reported a wealth of improvements in their child, including:


  • A gain in self-confidence
  • Improved self-discipline
  • Better focus at school
  • More respect for others and for themselves
  • An overall improvement in attitude and behavior
  • Stricter morals and personal ethics
  • The assertiveness to stand their ground in the face of peer pressure
  • The ability to stand up against a bully

After seeing the quality of our kids' classes, many parents choose to become students themselves in our adults classes. To find out more please see our main website.

Why not take advantage of our 30-day free trial, to see what kung fu can do for your child? Contact us today to book your lessons, and should you have any further questions, we are more than happy to hear from you!