Little Dragons (Ages 4 - 7)

As instructors to both adults and children, we understand that children learn at a different rate and in a different way from adults. When teaching children, we must employ techniques different to those from when we teach adults: simpler words and concepts, analogies, and various strategies to engage their focus and concentration.

Very young children, especially, are visual and kinesthetic learners, which is why we run age-specific kung fu classes to ensure lessons are fun, interesting, challenging, and more importantly, appropriate to your child’s age and learning stage.

Instructing a boy in our Little Dragons class

Our Little Dragons classes are tailored towards children aged between 4 and 7 years, complete with a fully-structured curriculum extending from beginners through to intermediates and advanced. We aim to guide each one of our students to their Little Dragon black belt, and beyond!

Later, as your child gets older, we run Junior classes for ages 7 to 12, preparing students for their eventual move into the Adult classes.

To ensure your child gets the most out of each lesson, we limit the number of children in a class, maintaining a small student to instructor ratio. Our team of qualified instructors also has years of combined experience in teaching children.

Lessons are fast, fun, and friendly. We aim to teach your child effective self-defence and lasting life lessons in energetic classes designed to keep them engaged and to leave them hungry for more. Our two rules for our students are: to always try your best, and to always have fun!

So, if you’d like your child to:


  • Have more confidence
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Focus better at school
  • Learn how to deal with bullies
  • Have a more positive attitude
  • Grow into a well-rounded individual

Then Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon can help!

Why not try out our 30-day free trial now, to see what martial arts can do for your child? Little Dragons will also benefit from an additional one-to-one introductory session with one of our dedicated instructors. This gets the child accustomed to us and to their surroundings before they are put into their first class.


These trial lessons are by appointment only, with limited spaces available, so call us now to book your place!