Peter Andre Gives the Kung Fu Schools a Star-Studded Thumbs Up

Singer and reality star Peter Andre is a vocal supporter of the Kung Fu Schools and the benefits of learning martial arts and self-defence, especially for children.

"It’s great for their discipline and confidence,” he explains, citing his children, Junior and Princess, as examples.

Since they started training at the Kung Fu Schools, Peter has noticed immense improvements in his children’s behaviour, including better self-esteem, more self-control, and a greater respect towards others.

Peter Andre on cover of Martial Arts Illustrated

Citing the common misconception that teaching martial arts to children will increase their likelihood of getting into fights, Peter is convinced that the opposite is actually true.

"Learning self-defence gives you the knowledge and confidence to know that you don’t have to fight, and the discipline and self-control to walk away from a situation.”

A diligent Kung Fu student Peter himself trains extremely hard whenever he is not between his busy work schedule.

Peter first started training Wing Chun Kung Fu back in Australia, but had to give it up when his singing career took off. It wasn’t until many years later, in 2009, when he met Master Hawkes whilst filming at the Kung Fu Schools HQ for his reality series Peter Andre: My Life, that his interest in martial art was rekindled.

Today he trains up to six times a week, as both he and son Junior are preparing to take their Black Belt in Hong Kung With Kung Fu Schools. He is now also a shareholder in the Kung Fu Schools franchise, and actively campaigns to spread the teaching of martial arts, and the values and character building that comes with it, across the country.

"Kung Fu has changed my life and my children’s lives,” he says.

Perhaps it could change yours, too!