There is no better way of hearing about the quality of a school than hearing it from the students themselves. Here are some comments from our pupils and customers.

The school helps us by instilling vital qualities
"With todays' generation of kids it's all about what can I do right now or what's the latest trend. They lack the patience and discipline and the respect that past generations had. This is what Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon teaches to both kids and adults. The main purpose of learning traditional Chinese martial arts is not how to fight. If all you were learning, is how to fight, then why is it called Martial "Arts". The beauty is derived from something inside. Loyalty, Discipline, Humility, Respect are all aspects of our lifestyle, which are sadly lacking in these modern hectic times, and even more so in our children. The school helps us by instilling these vital qualities into our lives.If you are looking for quality instruction with a school that really cares about what they are doing and how they teach, Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon is the school to learn at. If you just want to fight and get drunk, then hang out on the street corner's and park's. I know where my kids and I are best off at.”
- Gilly Sprackling, Parent
I cannot fault any aspect of the school.
"My son attends this school, and enjoys the training so much, he can't wait to back. He is not there to learn how to beat people up, but what he is learning is so much more important, self defence, self discipline, confidence, agility and stamina, along with fitness and a superb anti-bullying campaign. They also learn about the Chinese Culture. I would recommend this school to anybody. The teacher's are of a very high standard, and I cannot fault any aspect of the school. My son and I, have attended many schools around the country over the years, and this one is the best by far.”
- Gary Newman, Parent
There's a very friendly and supportive vibe
"I came across Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon when checking out various options locally, with a view to my 7 year-old taking up a martial art to develop his self-confidence. He had his free lessons along with my 5 year-old daughter, and immediately I knew this was the place I wanted them to train. I have a background in traditional Shotokan Karate Do, so I value the importance of a martial art to instil discipline and emphasise the need to constantly strive for self-improvement. Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon Little Dragons and Junior classes provide this in abundance, and the children love the fact they are rewarded (with badges, dragon warrior cards, etc.) for their achievements at school. An added benefit of having two children at Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon is that we can subscribe as a family, which means I get to train for free, twice a week. The adult lessons are two hours long, and I've found them to be challenging and enjoyable. You certainly get a good workout and my fitness levels have improved a lot over the past six months, along with my Wing Chun capability. The instructors are all excellent, and there's a very friendly and supportive vibe. You can ask the instructors anything you like, and they're always happy to help and give advice. The facilities at the school are second-to-none, with three large training rooms and all the equipment (focus mitts, pads, dummys etc.) you could need. I'm certainly a happy customer and I'd recommend Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon to anyone. If you're undecided, try the free lessons and see for yourself. There's no obiligation to join, so you've really nothing to lose.”
- TonyB, Student and parent of two children at the school
Our son's confidence has grown
"Fantastic Kung Fu School. Our seven and a half son joined Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon three years ago and he loves it! We wanted to find a way of helping improve his confidence and a alternative fun activity. From the first day we were very impressed to see how serious and professional the school approach was, from their instructors' attitude and teaching methods, to the well prepared and organised classes and events (i.e Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, parties, to mentioned a few). The commitment, values and friendliness that Sifu Alan Paterson and all the staff have (specially, Si-Je Jo, Si-Hing Keith, Si-Hing Nick) is an example for the children. Our son's confidence has grown, as well as his Kung Fu skills and he can't wait to go to his classes every week. We would recommend Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon to anyone, well, actually one of our son's school mate joined couple of months ago and he (and his parents) is loving it too, what better recommendation than that.”
- Alex Varela, Parent
My daughter is far more positive in life
"After my daughter joined Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon I have noticed that her confidence has grown from strength to strength she is far more positive in life, she finds the self defence of wing Kungfu a great asset. It has helped her to be focused and gain promotion in her job, set goals, more amibitious and determined in life. The team of instructors are excellent, professional and has great facilities.”
- T, Parent
It's a fantastic place to train, the instructors are very friendly
"Me, my two brothers and my son started approximately a year ago and loved it since. It a fantastic place to train, instructors are very friendly, especially, Nick Martin, Jin Choong, Charlie Fox, Jo Harding and Sifu Alan Paterson. Since our commencement at Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon our understanding of martial art has elevated phenomenally. It has improved our confident in martial arts immensely, so as our fitness level.”
- Siddique, Student and parent
We were looking for a good environment for our son
"We were looking for a school that had structure as well as a good environment for my son, we have noticed an improvement in his self confidence since joining which has led me to begin training and which has given me a way of keeping fit, improving my own confidence as well as understanding what my son is learning!”
- fhorkan, Parent
After watching my son for several months I thought I would try an adults class.
"My 6 year old son started at Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon after seeing them at our school fair. When we arrived for the first time, the friendly instructors were really helpful and welcoming. My son has settled in well to the Little Dragon class and is really enjoying it. The classes are broken down to a level at which the little ones can understand, and they are constantly given praise and encouragement. After watching my son for several months I thought I would try an adults class. I am now really enjoying training twice a week, learning loads, really impressed. I would highly recommend this school to both kids and adults. Top marks!!!!”
- Sarah, Student and parent
Really helped my 9 year old son with his dyspraxia.
"Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon has really helped my 9 year old son with his dyspraxia. I discovered Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon whilst looking for some help for my son's dyspraxia, and enrolled him for 3 free classes back in October 2009. At that time, he had problems with his core stability, which affected his balance and co-ordination (not to mention his self confidence). He also had some problems at school with bullying. To be honest, at first I was very sceptical about whether Kung Fu classes would help him, but it soon became apparent that his balance and co-ordination were improving at an amazing rate. Fast forward 14 months and the all-round improvement in my son's co-ordination, self-confidence and behaviour is amazing and I put most of this down to his Kung Fu classes. What I haven't mentioned so far is that Si Fu Alan and all of the other instructors at Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon openly encourage all of their children members to be respectful, well rounded individuals. They award good school work and encourage reading and helping out around the house. The kids love it when they get recognition for their good work and it helps them to persevere with the training. I can't praise this place highly enough and if you're thinking about whether to enrol your son or daughter at the Kung Fu school, then get off of the fence and book your kids free lessons now, before they run out of spaces.”
- CliffordT, Parent
My son is now very proud of his well decorated uniform and progression thru his "little dragon" belts
"My wife heard about Kids' Kung Fu, Croydon in Feb 2010 and suggested we enroll our 5 year old son. He had a couple of free lessons to see if he liked it and he did. On his third lesson he became a bit reluctant to go in to class but the chief instructor had seen it all before and was great. It's such a friendly place and my son is now very proud of his well decorated uniform and progression thru his "little dragon" belts. It's been a very positive thing for him and there are extra rewards for the children bringing in their reading or homework. I'm happy to say I also joined at the same time and it's been an amazing journey for me personally. I now have a joint interest with my son and have met some great people whilst enjoying learning some valuable practical skills. I was made to feel very welcome when I joined and introduced to some other students who were new a month or so before me. That's the way the school is run.”
- jonibegood, Student and parent
Headmaster is delighted by the boost in self-confidence
"I have just shared Ben's achievements at Kung Fu Schools Croydon with his class and it was lovely to see how pleased he was. I am delighted by the part that Kung Fu is playing in boosting his self-esteem and self-confidence. We are very proud of Ben too and share your hope that he will continue to persevere with Kung Fu.”
- Mr. Chris Donovan, Headteacher of St. Anne's Catholic Primary School
Son with Self Belief
"Since joining Kung Fu school my son has gained an incredible amount of self confidence. The insructors have been instrumental in increasing his confidence and self-belief whilst instilling in him that fighting is a last resort. He is now more aware of what is happening around him and is able to act accordingly. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons and with the confidence brought about through the proper instruction is now able to make a stand against those that have previously bullied him and others.”
- B.B.
The Team at Kung Fu Schools Croydon
"I stand in awe at the growing success of this school. Despite this success, I am pleased and impressed to see that the club has retained it's friendly and personal touch for individual members in a way so seldom seen in big organisations. Recently, my children have joined Kung Fu Schools Croydon and as a parent, I have observed the dedication and hard work from all the instructors, not just in the teaching of Kung Fu techniques but also in imparting discipline, responsibility and self motivation in each child as an integral part of Kung Fu Schools Martial Arts programme. Uniquely I find the School involves parents in their programmes from the acknowledgement of parents at each session to dedicated seminars on practical issues such as health and safety. I confidently feel that the School is not just a place to learn the art of Kung Fu, but more a much needed life skills School for the whole family, a unique and winning concept. I am very proud to be a member. Thank you.”
- Mr. Moodely